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An evocative chromolithograph from 1968, "Lenin: International Leader of the Proletariat," captures the potent symbolism of Lenin's influence on global Communism, set against a backdrop of industry and agriculture.

Printed in the heart of the Soviet era, this piece serves as a visual testament to the pervading ideology of the time. The image, produced by the Leningrad State Publishing House, illustrates a prominent Lenin standing on a mound, his left hand gesturing towards a double-hemisphere map of the world. The artistry encapsulates the Soviet Union's narrative of their role in the world, with Lenin, the progenitor of the Soviet state, leading the global proletariat towards a unified future.

The map, in turn, is adorned with a radiant red star centered over the USSR, its luminous rays stretching across the globe. The bright red star, a commonly recognized emblem of communism, signifies the ideological reach of the Soviet Union, extending its influence over the workers of the world. Translated, the words arcing above the world state: "Proletarians of all countries, unite!"

The lithograph is further enhanced by the surrounding scenes of agricultural and industrial activity, which symbolize the proletariat's contribution to the fabric of society. This representation of the working class, aligned with Lenin's vision, underscores the pivotal role they played in shaping the Soviet Union's narrative of progress and unity.

In its entirety, this chromolithograph presents a compelling snapshot of the Soviet Union's ideological vision during the height of its power. It encapsulates the enduring image of Lenin as a global leader, the propagation of Soviet influence, and the essential role of the proletariat in this narrative. The piece serves as an invaluable artifact, providing a tangible connection to a defining era in world history.

This is a reissue of poster first produced in the 1920s.

Condition Description
Frayed along the top edge.