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This striking World War I-era Navy recruiting poster by renowned illustrator James Montgomery Flagg captures the spirit of adventure and service, appealing to young men aged 17 to 35 with its bold design and vibrant colors.

During the World War I period, recruitment posters played a vital role in rallying support and attracting new enlistees to the armed forces. Flagg's skillful use of red and blue woodcut techniques in this poster evokes a sense of patriotism and pride, featuring a young sailor alongside the words "Join the NAVY" and emphasizing the training and travel opportunities offered by naval service. The poster effectively communicates the benefits of enlisting, targeting a specific age range and promising adventure and personal growth.

James Montgomery Flagg, the artist behind this iconic poster, was a prominent American illustrator and political cartoonist, best known for his famous "I Want You for U.S. Army" Uncle Sam poster. Flagg's work was widely circulated during World War I, and his distinctive style and ability to convey strong, persuasive messages through his illustrations made him a leading figure in the creation of wartime propaganda.

This particular example of Flagg's Navy recruiting poster is further distinguished by a black ink stamp at the bottom, indicating its origin from the "U.S. Navy Recruiting Station Post Office Building New Brunswick, N.J." As a piece of American history and a testament to the power of visual communication, this poster offers a unique insight into the recruitment efforts and the cultural atmosphere of the World War I era.

Condition Description
Minor toning at the left edge.