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Rare separately published map of Armenia, following the Treaty of Berlin.

The map locates the old borders (blue) new borders (red) and the borders according to the treaty of San Stefano.

The Treaty of Berlin, signed in 1878, and the Treaty of San Stefano, signed in the same year, played a significant role in shaping the modern borders of Armenia.

Before the Treaty of Berlin, the territory of Armenia was divided among the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and Iran. The Treaty of Berlin, which was signed after the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, recognized the independence of Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro and redefined the borders of the Ottoman Empire and Russia. As a result of the treaty, the Ottoman Empire recognized the independence of the Armenian-populated regions of the Ottoman Empire, including Western Armenia and the province of Kars. However, the treaty also ceded the eastern parts of Armenia, including the provinces of Erivan and Nakhchivan, to the Russian Empire.

The Treaty of San Stefano, which was signed between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, further expanded the territory of the Russian Empire. According to the treaty, the Russian Empire was to annex the regions of Kars, Batumi, and Ardahan, which were previously part of the Ottoman Empire. However, the treaty was never ratified due to strong opposition from the other European powers, who feared the expansion of Russia in the region.

As a result of these treaties, the borders of Armenia were defined, with the western parts of the country becoming part of the Ottoman Empire and the eastern parts becoming part of the Russian Empire.  


The map is seemingly unrecorded.

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Minor toning and soiling.