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This attractive vintage pictorial map of Silicon Valley, published in Fremont, California, by Stephanie Russell for City Graphics of America, in 1986, is a colorful and detailed depiction of the early boom period of the tech industry in the region. The map covers the entire Silicon Valley area, with a focus on the significant and emerging firms that were operating at the time, including Oracle, Siemens, and 3M.

The map is filled with detailed illustrations of the various tech companies, as well as other landmarks and features of the region. The illustrations are stylized and colorful and are not intended to be geographically accurate. However, the map does include a note to this effect, stating that it is "...for illustrative purposes only, and is not geographically accurate."

Despite its fanciful nature, the map is still an interesting and valuable historical document, providing a snapshot of the tech industry in Silicon Valley during a significant period of growth and development. It is also a beautiful and visually appealing piece of art, with its colorful illustrations and detailed depictions of the various tech firms.

Condition Description
Mounted on modern poster linen.