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Fine image of the Yacht Mohawk, built in Williamsburgh by Joseph Van Dusen in 1875.

Drawn by Parson & Atwater, the Mohawk, a two-masted yacht moves to the left, with many other vessels shown in the distance.

The ship was built at Greenpoint as the schooner Mohawk for the wealthy cotton merchant William T. Garner. At 140 feet (42.7 meters) she was the largest racing yacht of her generation. Garner, his wife, and all but 2 passengers and 1 crewman were lost when the yacht capsized in a squall during her maiden voyage in New York Harbor on July  20, 1876 off Stapleton, Staten Island.

Mohawk was later raised at a cost of $25,000, and bought for the Coast Survey and renamed Eagre, taking its name from a term for a tidal bore, which is in turn derived from the Norse god of the sea.