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Scarce plan of the Caribbean island of Guadelupe, illustrating the English attack on the island commencing January 22, 1759.

By 1759, the British had adopted during the 7 Years War to attack French colonial interests around the world, to draw away French resources from the main battles in Germany.  The British attached  St. Malo and Cherbourg on the French Coast, the French colonial slave station at Senegal, French strongholds in India and in North America.

In the Caribbean, the British set their sites on French Martinique and Guadeloupe, sending 8 ships of the line under Commondore Hughes into the theater, lead by Major-General Peregrine Hopson and Colonel John Barrington. The expedition was joined on January 3, 1759 in Barbaos by 2 ships commanded by Commodore John Moore.  On January 22, 1759, the joint expedition attacked  Basse-Terre and on 22 January 1759.  After a protracted engagement, the French surrendered May 2, 1759.