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An Exceptional 17th Century View of Venice -- Shows "Il Ghetto" of Venice and the Ascension Day and Procession of Il Bucentaur.

Fine six-sheet map of Venice, published by Stefano Scolari in Venice.

Stretching across a five-foot panorama, all of Venice's major monuments, buildings, canals, and outer islands are delineated in remarkable detail. The canals are filled gondolas and other watercraft, while the lagoon in the foreground is filled with larger vessels, including the Galley of the Doge of Venice.

At the right side of the island, below the Arsenal, a shipbuilding operation is shown, while at the top right, the lumber yard appears, including two groups of workers with handsaws.

Includes a dedication to Angelo Corraro, Venetian Ambassador to the Court of Rome, coat of arms and elaborate compass rose.  

Just off the Canaregio, the Jewish Ghetto of Venice (il Ghetto) is clearly labeled.

This is the second state of the view, which was first issued in 1660.

Ascension Day and the Bucentaur

At the center of the map is a depiction of the bucentaur, the state barge of the doges of Venice, proceeding out into the lagoon surrounded by other Venetian vessels and gondolas.

This is the 1606 bucentaur, which was commissioned by Doge Marino Grimani and served until 1719 when it was demolished.


The view is very rare. We locate only the example at the Newberry Library (Novacco Collection).  An example of the 1660 edition sold by Christie's in 2014 for $43,750, which was previously owned by the Ford Foundation.

Moretti, 82
Stefano Scolari Biography

Stefano Scolari was active between 1644 and 1687. He was a designer, engraver and editor from Brescia, although he practiced his trade in Venice. His shop, in S. Zulian under the sign of the Three Virtues, was one of the best known in seventeenth-century Venice. He engraved, printed, and traded in prints, particularly, maps. He specialized in the re-issue of important maps including Gastaldi's map of Lombardy and the 12-sheet map of Italy by Greuter.