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The 1957 Times Atlas World Oceanography chart and the Lotus projection used in the Times Atlas are two remarkable achievements in the field of cartography.  

The  World Oceanography chart was a groundbreaking achievement in the field of oceanography. The chart provides a detailed and comprehensive view of the world's oceans, including information about major currents, temperatures, and salinity levels. It was based on data collected from a wide range of sources, including research vessels, buoys, and satellites. One of the most significant features of the chart is the inclusion of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which was only discovered in the 1950s. The chart was a vital resource for scientists and policymakers and remains relevant today as we continue to study and understand the complexities of the Earth's marine systems.

The Lotus projection used in the Times Atlas was another significant innovation in cartography. The projection was developed by Bernard Joseph Stanislaus Cahill, an American cartographer, in the early 20th century. The Lotus projection is a non-conformal projection, which means that it preserves neither shape nor angle. However, it does preserve distances and areas accurately, making it useful for maps that require equal-area representation.