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The Portuguese Civil War on Terceira

Rare map illustrating the military defenses of Terceira, with the publication imprint "Tracado e orientado por Joaquim Bernardo de Mello Nogueira do Castello em Marco de 1831."

The title translates as follows: 

Terceira Island, divided into 8 Military Districts, each one's strength, and the accessible places, the quarters are indicated with the sign, *' thus the parts with the letter p" and the calibers with the letter, c." The collection of forts follows the numerical order, and the numbers inside the circle show the guns that each District has.

The map shows Terceira in the midst of the Portuguese Civil War, shortly before the Battle of Ladeira da Velha.  The Battle of Ladeira da Velha was fought on August 3, 1831, between Portuguese Liberal and Miguelite forces on São Miguel Island in the Azores. It ended in a Liberal victory, which put the island and the rest of the Archipelago under Liberal control.

Since the Battle of Praia da Vitória in 1829, Terceira Island in the Azores was under control of the Liberal forces. The Miguelites still maintained control over São Miguel Island and the Portuguese mainland. On August 1, a liberal force under command of the Count of Vila Flor embarked on the northern coast of São Miguel, near the parish of Achadinha.

Two days later a battle was fought at Ladeira da Velha near Porto Formoso, between the invading Liberal army and troops loyal to King Miguel. The battle ended in a victory for the Liberals, which enabled them to firmly establish their control over the entire Azores Archipelago. They used the islands as a base to invade the Portuguese Mainland the next year, with the Landing at Mindelo on July 8,1832.