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"Celebrate the Greatest Victory in History with Fireworks" is a vibrant red, white, and blue illustrated mailer poster that dates to around 1918 to 1923. The advertisement was created by Martin's Fireworks Co., based in Fort Dodge, Iowa. This poster, showcasing an array of fireworks and related products, is an enthusiastic call to celebrate the end of World War I.

It contains numerous references to the victory of the Allied forces, such as phrases like "Our Soldiers are Heroes", "Our War Organizations Did Wonders", "The Productive Power of the U.S.A. Was Stupendous", and "The Victory of Democracy Over Monarchy Was Complete". The sentiments behind these statements reveal a sense of national pride and relief following the war's conclusion, as well as the newfound understanding of the nation's capabilities and strengths, as implied by "We Have Just Learned How Big We Are".

This promotional poster is printed on both sides, containing a wealth of information about the available products and the importance of celebrating the monumental victory. The advertisement serves not only as a sales tool but also as a historical document reflecting the mood of the United States post-WW1, merging commercial interests with historical celebration.

Condition Description
Folding mailer poster printed on two sides. Some manuscript, including an old cataloging dating it to circa 1923.