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The Freight Terminals of Early 20th-Century New York.

Interesting wall map of New York City, covering Manhattan south of Inwood, as well as the south Bronx, western Queens and Brooklyn, and the adjacent parts of New Jersey.

The map has an interesting and useful focus, highlighting the terminal infrastructure that made New York City such an important entrepot in the early 20th century. These terminals and rail lines are highlighted in red and numbered to a key in the upper-left corner.

Irving National Bank must have been quite proud of their location in the Woolworth Building, which had opened only 3 years before this map was made and was to be the tallest building in the world from that point until 1930.

The map was apparently issued first in 1915 by Nelson P. Lewis and again in 1916 by Redfield-Kendrick-Odell Co.

Three institutional examples of the map are held by Brooklyn Historical, University of Connecticut, and University of Chicago.

Condition Description
Wall map mounted on original linen and wood rollers. Some toning and staining but overall in VG condition for this format and vintage.