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Triumphal Pictorial Map of the 36th Infantry Division's Campaign in Europe.

The map shows the T-patchers landing in Saint-Raphaël-Fréjus in southern France on Aug. 15, 1944, during Operation Dragoon. The Division proceeds to Montelimar where it vanquished the German 19th Army, to Valence, Lyon, Bourg, and to the attack on Saulx de Vesoul on September 12, 1944. From there it participates in the assault on the Vosges, the Rhine, to the Battle of Bulge at Hagenau ("Nazi attack Jan.1945"), then Wissembourg (with an array of dragon's teeth anti-tank barriers). After entering Germany,  at Mannheim, they are based in Kitzbuhel and the final station of Kufstein, Austria on May 8, 1945.

In Germany, the map has the 36th Infantry Division's combat service identification badge, an olive drab "T" (here rather reddish) on a light blue flint arrowhead, smashing the Nazi swastika.

The 36th Division took the surrender of Hermann Goring, which is alluded to with the "bagged" Goering, Von Rundstedt, etc. etc.

An illustration of a concentration camp (and an ominous cat o' nine tails) near Landsberg recalls how one of the 36th's attached battalions had been ordered to locate and secure all concentration camps in the area around Hurlach, near the city.

A note in Italy says:

Total Casualties, 36th Division since entering combat - 27,343

Prisoners taken by 36th Division up until May 8th 1945 - 56,374.