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Controlling the Rivers Feeding the Canton Delta and Zhujiang Estuary

Large detailed bilingual wall map tracking the course of the Canton Delta, and the Xi River and Bei River, Zhujiang River and Estuary and the area around Guangzhou and Foshan.

The map illustrates:

  • Old Dikes Proposed To Be Raised
  • New Dikes To Be Built
  • Existing Dikes
  • Proposed Canals
  • Proposed Future Dikes

The following districts are shown: Koyiu, Szewui, Samshui, Tsincyun, Fayun, Namhoi, Poonyu, Tsengshing, Tungkoon, Shuntuk, Hokshan, Sunwui, Heungshan, and Po-on.

Board of Conservancy Works of Kwangtung

The Board of Conservancy was created to address the problems caused by the severe flooding of the Canton Delta in 1914 and 1915.

The Board was initially directed by Captain Olivecrona, Engineer in Chief, which included improvements of the West River and the Port of Canton.


The map is very rare; we have found two copies on OCLC (Paris-CECMC and UC Berkeley) and one example online (Toyo Bunko Library, Tokyo).

Condition Description
Laid on sheet. Lower left corner torn, no printed loss.