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The Province of Shen-Si.

Nice example of the English edition of Du Halde's map of the Province of Shen-Si.

Includes a table of latitudes and longitudes and an explanation of place names. The prefix 'FU' denotes a city of the first rank; 'Chew', a city of the second rank; 'Hyen' a city of the third rank.

Engraved by Emanuel Bowen, this is from an English Edition of Du Halde's Descriptions De La Chine.

The Qing Emperor Kangxi commissioned a ground of Jesuit surveyors to chart his kingdom from 1708 to 1716. The resulting maps were published as the Kangxi Atlas (1718-19), and the information contained on its woodcut maps would not be superseded for well over a century.

The leading French cartographer Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon D'Anville (1697-1782), acquired copies of the Kangxi maps and devised his own interpretations, first printed in Jean-Baptiste Du Halde's Description Geographique … de la Chine (Paris, 1735).

Condition Description
Minor tear, expertly repaired.