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Impressive four-sheet Latvian-language wall map of Riga, issued just before the Second World War, in 1937, by the Riga City Real Estate Board.

The lower-left corner has a map of Riga in 1400, including fortress walls, castles, churches, etc. In the upper-right is a relief map of Riga and below that are geological profiles of the Baltic shore around Riga.

Many streets are named, in Latvian, and built-up areas and parks are shown.

The map key in the lower right notes over 80 points of interest. Within the same frame as the legend is a quasi-birds-eye-view of central Riga.

This map was made at the end of a period of Latvian independence at the beginning of the 20th century; two years later, under threat of invasion, Latvia signed the Soviet–Latvian Mutual Assistance Treaty with the Soviet Union, providing for the stationing of up to 25,000 Soviet troops on Latvian soil. Shortly thereafter, Latvia was subsumed into the Soviet Union.

Condition Description
Four separate sheets.