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Early map of the British Colonies and the whole of North America, shortly after the conclusion of the French & Indian War and on the eve of Revolution.

Louisiana is a French possession and a massive New Mexico and New Albion are Spanish Possessions which dominate the West. The Western Sea is noted opposite the Straits Juan De Fuca, although without a coast line in the north and east. The River of the West also remains, with an unbroken course from D'Aguilar's discoveries on the NW Coast to the Mississippi River. Teguayo & Quivira appear, although now shown as a singly unit in the region which would roughly correlate with Utah. The Snowy Mountains in California are shown, along with several apocryphal rivers, including the Carmel (Rio Colorado). Drake's landing near San Francisco is noted. Some curiously named Blue Mountains appear in the Northern Baja, not far from San Diego.

A number of settlements are shown on the Rio Grande, including a note regarding the Apaches of Seven Rivers. Many Indian names in the interior, including Kansez, Black Padoucas, Padoucas, Panimatia, Eastern Sioux, Outaouas, Outagamis, and Moscoutops. Many other early interesting features. The British Colonial claims on the East Coast run to the Mississippi River.