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Informative Israeli Mapping of the Holocaust.

The map presents a host of information about the implementation and effects of the Holocaust. Perhaps most starkly, it lists numbers of Jews in areas throughout Europe with the pre-war numbers in red and post-war in black. A note in the lower right reads: "המספרים בשחור מציינים את גודל האוכלוסיה היהודית לפני השתלטות הנאצים , והמספרים באדום - את שארית הפליטה אחרי השואה"  (The numbers in black indicate the size of the Jewish population before the Nazi takeover, and the numbers in red - the survivors after the Holocaust).  In the case of Poland, the numbers read: "3,700,000 | 40,000".

The map was published by the Survey of Israel in 1972, probably in Tel Aviv.

The key differentiates between neutral territory, allied territory that never came into the hands of the Germans, territories where exterminations were carried out, areas where most of the exterminations took place, the maximum limits of Nazi expansion. It goes on to differentiate between primary extermination camps (red dots) and extermination, labor, and deportation camps (blue dots).