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Fine map illustrating the location of The Georgia Company, Georgia Mississippi Company, Tennessee Company and Upper Mississippi Company, lithographed by Sinclair in Philadelphia.

 An interesting and historical map that covers the region that would become Mississippi and Alabama. Many rivers are named, but only four towns: New Orleans, Natches, Mobile and Pensacola.

Along the Mississippi River are lands of the Upper Mississippi Company and the Georgia Company, and to the east is the Tennessee Company. These lands were a part of the infamous Yazoo Land Fraud. In 1795 the governor of Georgia, George Mathews, signed a bill that agreed to sell almost 40 million acres to speculators in the Yazoo Land Act. This corrupt land deal led to the downfall of many popular politicians. President George Washington, speaking about Yazoo said "These acts embrace an object of such magnitude and in their consequences may so deeply affect the peace and welfare of the United States..." 

The map is based upon Morse's map of 1797.