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Pipe Smokers Are Progressive Men

Provocative die cut large store display sign for Edgeworth Tobacco.

The map sign is illustrated here in shrink-wrap, with a white backing board. The actual sign is a die cut pattern in the shape of the globe, etc.

The advertisement promotes "a mild smoke," boasts international fame, and claims that "pipe smokers are progressive men."

The sign displays like a globe, focusing on the western hemisphere. Below the globe is a view of a coastal city with mountains, farms, ships and a mid-20th century airplane. Three smaller images, all of which contain a pipe, show a telegraph operator, scientists, and two young men helping a lady with her bags.

In 1877 a partnership between Charles D. Larus and Herbert C. Larus formed the Larus & Brother Company. This small tobacco company, based in Richmond, Virginia, received national recognition with Edgeworth pipe tobacco, which then became the international hallmark of the company. After WWII, Larus prospered both as a tobacco company and a broadcasting company until the late 1960s. The company eventually dissolved in 1974.

Condition Description
Die cut advertisement on cardboard.