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Final state of the De Wit-Ottens-Renard Sea Chart of the Western Atlantic, Northeastern Coast of North America and part of South America and the Caribbean.

Extends from Newfoundland and the St Lawrence River to the area near San Salvador, Brazil, including the eastern Caribbean, from Hispaniola eastward. Nice detail along the Atlantic Coast. The map includes Lange (Long) Island, Manathans (Manhattan) Island, Nieu Amsterdam, Staaten Island, Zuydt (East) River, and similar detail around the Cape Cod and New England Coastline. Nice detail in the eastern Caribbean. Excellent detail on the South American coastline, especially the mouth of the Amazon.

Two allegorical cartouches, sea battles and compass roses.

Rare first edition in fine color, which was later copied by Ottens (1715) and Renard (1745).