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Stock# 48895

Decorative map of North America with a large title cartouche.

Shows a massive region in the Northwest labeled These Parts Are Intirely Unknown. The strait discovered by Juan De Fuca in 1592 is shown, along with regions on the NW Coast, labeled Coast unknown and Land discovered by De L'Isle 1741. The apocryphal Martin D'Aguilar Strait discovered in 1603 is shown. Sir Francis Drake's Port where he remained for 5 weeks is noted.

The Mississippi is shown trending far west of its true course, along with a number of other mythical rivers. Several early French Fur trading forts are shown west of Lake Ouinipiuqe (Winnipeg). A number of early explorations and discovery notes included around Hudson's Bay. Many Indian tribes noted. Lands of the American Colonies extend to the Mississippi. East and West Florida is shown.

A fine illustration of the known and unknown parts of North America, at the outset of the American Revolution.