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A View of Boston at time of the firing of the first shots of the American Revolution.

Fine early view of Boston, published in the Universal Magazine, which also comes with the relevant text section describing the ongoing revolt in the British Colonies and specifically in Boston and New England.

This fine early view of Boston is taken from Pownall's very rare view of the same title, published in 1768, which later appeared in the Universal Magazine in 1775. The view is taken from Cambridge looking across the Charles River to the Boston Common. Governor Thomas Pownall was credited with making a first draft, then had it painted by a "Mr. Pugh" and engraved by Pierre Canot for a series of folio prints in a collection titled Scenographia Americana (London, 1768).

In 1775, accompanied by an article about the revolting New England colonies, this image was reduced and printed as a foldout plate. The view would later be copied in the Columbian Magazine (Philadelphia, December 1787), changing the flag from the Union Jack to the American stars and stripes.