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The Second Earliest Separately Published map of California & The Southwest.

Rare map of California, Baja California and th Southwest, which appeared in Jose de Acosta's De Natura Nova Orbis.

The map shows the coast of California in the style of the late 16th Century, running nearly due east and west, based upon Petrus Plancius' World Map of 1592. The appearance of Los Farallones (the Farallone Islands of the Coast of San Francisco) is perhaps the most recognizable of the place names given along the California coast, the majority of which would disappear within the next 100 years.

In the interior, The map locates Civitatum Septem Patria, an early printed reference to the Seven Cities of Gold, a myth that led to several expeditions by adventurers and conquistadors in the 16th century. It is also featured in several works of popular culture. According to legend, the seven cities of gold could be found in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

Metellus' map is based upon Cornelis Wytfliet's map of the prior year,the earliest map devoted to California and the Southwest. Metellus, whose real name was Jean Matal, was an accomplished French Cartographer, who died in 1597. The maps were most likely finished by Conrad Loew, a pseudonym for Matthias Quad.

Some question has been raised as to whether Metellus' work predates the Wytfliet, given that Metellus died in 1597 and lived in Louvain prior to his death in Cologne. Burden surmises that Wytfliet's work was published first. The maps are largely similar, other than the ommission of a few place names in the Metellus.

The Metellus map is by far the rarer of two, this being the only example we have ever offered for sale.

An essential map for California collectors.

Condition Description
A few very minor spots.
Burden 120.