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Scarce map of Texas, Mexico, Upper California and contigous parts of the Southeastern US, naming the Republic of Texas.

The present map is the only obtainable printed map to name the "Republic of Texas." The name appears both in the title and the body of the map as the Republic of Texas, making this both a unique and important map for Texas collectors. While a number of American and British map publishers issued maps of the region (both separately and in Atlases), none took the extra step of recognizing Texas as an independent nation in the tite of the map.

The map also bears a note stating: Note . . . The boundary between Mexico on the north and the United States is a line drawn from Cape Mendocino, (Lat. 40° 28' 40") Eastward to the Rocky Mountains. Top left: LXVI. Mines indicated by crosses.

An important map for collectors of Texas during the Republic period. This is only the third example we have seen on the market and the first in over 10 years. Last AMPR catalogue entry is 1991 (Fitch, Catalog 50: $375).

Condition Description
Minor fold split in upper margin with some discoloration from old tape, but not affecting the printed image. Uniform toning from a non-archival mat, but well outside the printed image and would not show if framed.