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Texas-Military and Civilian Aeronautical Navigation Chart

A nice chart showing the flight path between Dallas-Fort Worth and El Paso. Cities, mountains, and other prominent landmarks dot the chart, providing visual cues for pilots while airborne. The Sacramento Mountains and Roswell are shown, as are danger areas that alert aviators to potentially hazardous or restricted areas to avoid during flights.

Originally created for military aviation purposes, as evidenced by the note to officers who discover inaccuracies to report them to Washington for correction, this chart was adapted for civilian purposes post World War Two. With the rise of private and commercial aviation after the war, many of these charts were reissued with updated information for civilian use.     

This chart was produced in 1946 by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the governmental authority initially responsible for handling civil aviation in the United States prior to the Federal Aviation Act of 1958. This flight chart is a blend of cartographic precision and essential aeronautical information, making it a valuable resource for pilots.

Condition Description
Folds as issued. Expertly repaired tear on lower center.