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Striking birds eye view of the area around the proposed Hoover Dam.

The high elevation view shows Hoover Dam and the surrounding region to include parts of California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. The large lake behind Hoover Dam is yet to be named. Boulder City is shown, with the smaller Las Vegas in the distance. The Union Pacific Railroad goes to Salt Lake City, on the far horizon, with side tracks to Cedar Breaks, Zion and Bryce National Parks and the north rim of the Grand Canyon with the lodge identified.

The view folds into self wrappers (4 x 9") with a large and colorful Art Deco drawing of the dam making the cover. On the verso, 16 panels provide information on the dam and the area -- including a photo of a lazy Las Vegas street -- "new hotels have been planned." Also on verso is a system map for the Union Pacific that extends from Chicago to the west coast. Copyright is by R.B. Robertson for the Union Pacific System, map drawn by Gerald A. Eddy (1890-1967) of Los Angeles.