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Tracking the Habsburg Military 1683-1748

The Newly Compiled General Military Table from 1748 presents a meticulously organized overview of the Imperial and Royal regiments, offering a detailed snapshot of the military hierarchy and structure. This table lists, in alphabetical order, all officers of both infantry and cavalry troops, inclusive of newly established and traditional regiments since 1683. The table captures the names and ranks of both living and deceased officers, along with their respective duties and the latest promotions.

The table is divided into columns that detail various aspects of the regiments. These columns include the names of the regiment holders, the current and former dignitaries, and the officers' ranks, such as Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and Majors. Each regiment's specific uniform colors and distinguishing marks are also depicted, alongside the regions where these regiments are stationed. 

During the mid-18th century, the Habsburg Monarchy was heavily invested in maintaining a formidable military presence across its diverse territories. This period was marked by ongoing conflicts and the need for a robust and organized military structure. The table not only reflects the military order of the time but also provides insight into the administrative and logistical efforts required to manage such a vast empire.

Content Breakdown:

  1. Infantry Regiments:

    • Lists 67 regiments, each with 3 battalions and 2 companies of grenadiers, detailing the total number of troops, including Hungarian, Tyrolean, and other provincial contingents.
    • Details promotions and uniform distinctions, emphasizing the structured and hierarchical nature of the Imperial military system.
  2. Cavalry Regiments:

    • Enumerates 43 regiments, comprising cuirassiers, dragoons, and hussars, with specific annotations on their formations and the number of men in each regiment.
    • Highlights the significance of cavalry in the Habsburg military strategy, known for its mobility and effectiveness in battle.
  3. Annotations:

    • Provides a comprehensive list of military agents and their respective locations in Vienna, underscoring the administrative network supporting the military apparatus.

The table serves as a vital historical document, illustrating the organization and operational structure of the Habsburg military during a pivotal era. It reflects the meticulous record-keeping and the importance of maintaining an updated registry of military personnel and their assignments. For collectors and historians, this table offers a window into the complexities of 18th-century military administration and the efforts to sustain a powerful and disciplined army across a sprawling empire. 

This table is a remarkable artifact, offering detailed insights into the military organization of the Habsburg Monarchy and serving as an indispensable resource for scholars and collectors of military history. 

Condition Description
Soiled,with loss at right side.