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Reilly's map of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, from the Republic of Ragusa to the area just south of Split, embodies the rich detail and artistic elements characteristic of late 18th-century cartography. The decorative title, intricately engraved within an oval surrounded by symbolic elements such as drums, trumpets, and flags, not only serves as an embellishment but also as an emblem of the map's historical and geographical significance.

Franz Johann Joseph Reilly, an Austrian publisher, cartographer, and writer active between 1766 and 1820, contributed significantly to the field of cartography with his ambitious atlas project, "Schauplatz der fünf Theile der Welt" (Stage of the Five Parts of the World), undertaken from 1789 to 1806. Despite the extensive nature of his work, which produced over 830 maps, Reilly's focus remained exclusively on Europe, leaving the maps of the other four continents conceptualized but unpublished. His commitment to a uniform criterion for map drawing underscores the meticulous standards and aspirations of Enlightenment-era scholarship and cartography.

Condition Description
Engraving on 18th-century laid paper. Original hand-coloring. Minor toning at centerfold.