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This two-sided pictorial map represents the Monterey Peninsula in California, crafted in 1965, offering a marvelous pictorial image of the region's attractions, accommodations, and services during this period.

The first side of the map illustrates the Monterey Bay area, highlighting key locations such as Pacific Grove, Monterey, and the immediate surroundings. The map is stylized yet functional, adorned with illustrations that denote the major attractions, roads, and natural features like the coastline and wooded areas. Icons and labels represent hotels, golf courses, historical sites, and other tourist destinations, providing a comprehensive guide to visitors. Notable entries include the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, various hotels, and the scenic 17-Mile Drive. The design conveys a sense of the leisure and tourism focus of the region, emphasizing recreational activities such as golf, sailing, and sightseeing.

The second side focuses on Carmel, Carmel Valley, and Pebble Beach. Similar to the first, this side combines a mix of cartography and illustration to map out the area's landscape and attractions. It details accommodation options from cottages to luxury hotels, and lists services such as restaurants, galleries, and theaters, reflecting the area's reputation as a cultural and artistic hub. The map is surrounded by decorative elements and vignettes that highlight the quaint charm and elegance of Carmel, promoting its status as a picturesque and sophisticated destination.