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Technology Federal Credit Union

Colorful Silicon Valley calendar, published in late 1991 by Gist & Erdmann, promoting Technology Federal Credit Union, which would go on to become one the first on-line internet banks in 1996.

The map includes many of the major computer companies of the time, including Apple, Intel, National Semiconductor, Seagate, IBM, Advanced Micro Devices, Foxconn, NEC and others.

Technology Federal Credit Union

Technology Federal Credit Union, initially christened as Fairchild Semiconductor Federal Credit Union, commenced its operation on May 27, 196 

By 1970, the credit union had grown to 6,320 members and $3.5 million in assets. The 1980s heralded a period of exponential growth in Silicon Valley, and the credit union mirrored this expansion. In a strategic move, it rebranded itself as Technology Federal Credit Union, widening its membership to embrace employees from various technology companies, a visionary step that propelled its assets to $50 million.

In 1996, it distinguished itself by establishing an online presence, one of the first among its peers nationwide. Now known as Technology Credit Union (Tech CU), introduced its pioneering “Anytime: Anywhere” delivery system, thereby revolutionizing the way members interacted with their financial services, ensuring access to account information from their homes, be it through telephone or the internet.