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One of the Earliest Obtainable Maps of Southern California and Baja California

Fine old color example of this early map of Baja California and parts of Alta California, Arizona and Sonora.

Isaac Tirion's map of Baja California is one of the best mid-18th century maps of Southern California, Baja California and parts of Arizona and Sonora. Issued 4 years prior to the establishment of the first Spanish Mission in Alta California (San Diego) and based in large part on the work of Ferdinando Consag, the map provides one of the earliest large format attempts to map this still mysterious and unsettled region north of Baja California, along with the then Jesuit regions of Baja California and Sonora. The map is one of the last to focus on the region before the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1768.

Southern California & Arizona

Tirion's map extends north to include Pt. Conception (just west of Santa Barbara), the Channel Islands, St (San) Pedro, Kaap St. (San) Diego), Eil St. Catarina (Catalina) and Ensenada de la Virgines (Ensenada, Baja Norte).

To the east, the map extends north along the Colorado and east along the Gila to include Casa Grande and the Phoenix and Tucson areas. The references to 1699 reflect the visit of Fra. Eusebio Francisco Kino to the region in 1699, at which point he identified the ruins of the Hohokam Villages in the region.

Baja California & Sonora

Better known to the Spanish were the lands of Baja California and Sonora, which reflect the establishment of numerous Spanish Missions. The importance of locating water in this region is quite clearly noted, with roughly 10 different "Water Plaatz" and similar notes shown on the eastern coastline of Baja California, on the Sea of Cortez.

Below Los Virginos (Tres Virgenes Volcano), there is a note regarding Ferdinando Consag's having witnessed the eruption of the Volcano in 1746, on his first visit to the region. A bit further north, a note in Dutch identifies the Cantons (regions) of the non-believers, another note derived from Jesuit sources.

One of the best mid-18th century maps for California and Baja Collectors and certainly the most ambitious commercial effort to map the region. An essential map for Baja, Arizona and Southern California collectors.

Condition Description
Engraving on 18th-century laid paper. Original hand-color. A few small spots in the margins.
Isaak Tirion Biography

Isaak Tirion was a prominent Dutch publisher based in Amsterdam in the eighteenth century. He is best known for historical works that included prints showing scenes from around the world. He also produced maps, such as those in the Nieuwe Hand-Atlas of 1744.