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Taken from an unidentified (newspaper?) source with text on the verso, this interesting image encapsulates a pivotal moment in American history, dated December 7, 1865, mere months after the end of the Civil War. It portrays a series of vignettes surrounding the central scene, each contributing to the narrative of a nation emerging from the shadows of conflict, seeking peace, unity, and harmony as proclaimed by then-President Andrew Johnson.

The central tableau is flanked by scenes of everyday life and the restoration of a nation, including images of familial gathering, religious observance, and agricultural abundance. These images are not merely illustrations but are visual representations of the various facets of American life, expressing a collective sigh of relief and gratitude.

This piece serves as an artifact of the Reconstruction era, a testament to the resilience of a nation in the aftermath of division and strife. The visual narrative is complemented by the inclusion of President Johnson’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, issued on October 28, 1865, which forms the textual foundation at the bottom center of the lithograph. The proclamation is a solemn reflection on a nation’s trials and triumphs, calling for a unified day of gratitude towards the end of a year marked by significant transformation.

In the document, Johnson acknowledges the blessings of peace and prosperity following the civil war, highlighting the importance of unity and the role of divine providence in the nation's recovery. The President's message is one of reconciliation and hope, urging the citizens to partake in a day of national Thanksgiving, setting the precedent for the modern holiday and underscoring the period's historical significance.