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Maison Basset, active from 1819 to 1865, stands as a notable French publishing house deeply rooted in the country's rich literary and cartographic history. Originating from André Basset (fl. 1768 - 1784), who began publishing maps, prints, and books around 1768, the legacy continued robustly into the 19th century. After the death of Paul-André Basset (1785 - 1819), the subsequent generation operated under the imprint Maison Basset, also known as Chez Basset.

Operating from their offices initially at 64 Rue St. Jacques and subsequently moving to 33 Rue de Seine in Paris, Maison Basset emerged as a focal point of French cartographic publishing. They collaborated with eminent French cartographers and engravers of the time, including the likes of Barbie du Bocage, A. Vuillemin, J. B. Charle, V. Levasseur, Tu. Duvotenay, H. Dufor, and F. E. George.

Paris / 1840
17 x 12 inches