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An excellent example of the true first state of Mathew Carey's map of Connecticut, published in Carey's American Atlas in 1795. Carey's American Atlas was the first atlas published in the United States, compiling a number of excellent maps from indigenous sources in the first compilation of American maps. This map was engraved by Amos Doolittle in New Haven and bears his name, on a scale of 7.5 miles to one inch. Amos Doolittle was a famous and prolific Connecticut engrave whose work appeared for nearly 40 years and is highly collected. The towns and township lines are based upon William Blodget's seminal map of 1791, but the coastal and river information derives from other sources. This second edition of the map can be distinguished from the exceptionally rare separately issued first state by the addition of 3 trees east of the Hudson River in Greenwich County, near the disputed oblong portion of the the western border with New York. The map shows towns, townships, counties, rivers, lakes, court houses, churches and other significant houses, roads, mountains, etc. An essential map for Connecticut collectors. Wide margins. Wheat & Brun 284; Thompson 36.