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Decorative map of the American Southwest, celebrating the Turquoise tradition.

Published in 1973 by Wallace King of King’s Turquoise & Jewelry Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, this pictorial map offers a vibrant depiction of the Southwestern United States, focusing on the regional distribution of turquoise. The map illustrates various turquoise sources across six states and Baja California. The map is adorned with detailed illustrations along its border, showcasing the raw ore and the refined forms of this semi-precious stone specific to each region.

The map's corners are embellished with exquisite representations of jewelry pieces, each exemplifying the craftsmanship of the Navajo, Zuni, Santo Domingo, and Hopi tribes. Additionally, positioned near the map's upper section is a concise historical overview of turquoise's significance and usage by Native American communities.

The map also integrates depictions of traditional mining methods and ceremonial dancers, enriching the viewer's understanding of the cultural and practical aspects of turquoise in the Southwestern United States.