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This 1854 map of the Caucasus region by Heinrich Kiepert was issued as part of the fourth volume of the Atlas von Asien associated with Conrad Ritter. Published by Dietrich Reimer in Berlin, the map delineates the intricate topography and political boundaries of Georgia, Armenia, and Kurdistan, reflecting mid-19th-century European understanding of these regions.

During this period, the Caucasus and adjacent areas represented a zone of significant geopolitical interest, marking the interface of the Ottoman, Persian, and Russian empires.

Kiepert, the map's creator, was known for his precision in cartography, which is evident in the detailed representation of the diverse terrain encompassing mountains, valleys, and rivers. His collaboration with Ritter, a renowned geographer, underscores the map's academic rigor, blending geographical accuracy with scholarly analysis. The linguistic guide provided for pronunciation, such as 'S' being sharp as the German 'sz' and 'Dj' akin to a soft 'dsch', emphasizes the scholarly intent to provide an accurate phonetic understanding of regional names.

Condition Description
Original hand-color. Two sheets joined as one, dissected and mounted on original linen.