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Decorative family tree showing the genealogy of Henry IV, Ruler of France and Navarra, with the town of Rouen on the background.

The inset includes a portrait of Henry IV and Maria v. Medici, with a city map of Paris (Lutetia).

The genealogical tree gives a detailed visual account tracing the lineage of the Capetian dynasty, culminating in the reign of Henry IV of France and Navarre. This tree embodies the intricate bloodlines and marital alliances that have shaped French royal history.

In the context of the broader historical narrative, the Capetian dynasty, which originated in the 10th century, represents a pivotal shift in the governance and identity of France. By consolidating power through strategic marriages and inheritance, the Capetians transitioned France from a collection of feudal territories into a centralized kingdom. The genealogical tree would thus not only be of interest to those studying the history of French monarchy but also to those examining the evolution of medieval European states. 

Condition Description
Printed image and text on verso. Light wear as pictured. Toning where folded.