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Follow The Trail of the Blue and Yellow Sign (of the Mid-West Map Company)

Fascinating Highway Map and Guide, published by the Mid-West Map Company of Aurora, Missouri.

The verso of the map provides a list of endorsed Gas Stations, Hotels, Cottages and other useful services, oragnized alphabetically by city.

One of the more curious elements of the map is the "How To" guide, explaining how to use the road map:


When entering a town refer to the reverse side of this map and you will find all Authorized Guide and Map Stations in Colorado listed under the heading AUTHORIZED GUIDE AND MAP STATIONS OF COLORADO. The towns in which these stations are located are arranged alphabetically for your convenience.

For example: In driving into Pueblo, should you desire the best hotel, you will find listed Vail Hotel, strictly modern, fireproof, "Where Charley Adams wants to see you."

This example applies to all stations which appear on the map. You will find it a simple matter to tour the entire State of Colorado without depending upon any source of information other than that furnished by the Authorized Guide and Map Stations of Colorado. Look for the Blue and Yellow Sign when you leave Colorado for the same courteous and dependable service is at your command in any other state in the Union. Get your free map of this state before leaving Colorado.

The map includes the following set of symbols

  • Hard Surface Roads - Represented by a solid line, likely indicating the primary routes typically paved and suitable for all-weather travel.
  • Graded Roads - Dashed lines suggest secondary routes that may have been leveled or improved but not paved.
  • Unimproved Roads - Dotted lines, indicating roads that were likely unpaved and minimally maintained, perhaps challenging for travel.
  • Connecting County Roads - A line with alternating long and short dashes, signifying roads that link counties.
  • Mileage Numbers - Numbers alongside roads, providing distances between points on the map.
  • State Highways - A symbol with a shield and a number, representing the official state highway routes.
  • U.S. Inter-State Highways - Featuring a different shield design with a number, these are highways that cross state lines, part of the early U.S. highway system.
  • Adjoining State Highways - These have a circle with a number, indicating highways in neighboring states.
  • Towns in which are located one or more Authorized Guide and Map Stations - A symbol of a town with a star, showing towns where travelers could obtain guides and maps.