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This map, published by the All-Year Club of Southern California, is a charming and pictorial representation of the region from the mid-20th century, likely designed to promote tourism and highlight the attractions accessible by automobile. The map's artistic style, with illustrated vignettes of landmarks and activities, suggests a period when car travel was an integral part of the American lifestyle, offering freedom and adventure to a post-war society eager to explore.

The map displays a wide swath of Southern California, extending from Santa Maria in the northwest, down to San Diego and the Mexican border in the south, and eastward to the edges of Nevada and Arizona. It includes major cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as other significant locations such as Santa Barbara, Mojave, Barstow, and Palm Springs. The presence of landmarks like Catalina Island and the depiction of maritime activities along the Pacific coast reflect the area's rich marine heritage and its appeal as a seaside destination.

Illustrations of ships, marine life, and leisure activities suggest the map's purpose was not just to navigate but also to entice and inform tourists of the various recreational opportunities, such as sailing and beach-going, that define Southern California's culture. The inclusion of the desert areas, marked simply as "Desert" and the "Salton Sea," also invites exploration of the region's inland natural wonders.

On the verso, a smaller map focusing on the streets of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills provides a more detailed look at the urban landscape of L.A., indicating the All-Year Club's interest in guiding visitors through the city's streets to Hollywood's iconic landmarks.