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Scarce pictorial map and promotional brochure for Riverside County.

Encapsulated within this vibrant promotional map is Riverside County, portrayed in the early 20th century as a verdant and industrious Eden within the arid landscape of Southern California. This pictorial representation delineates a landscape teeming with agricultural abundance, industrial opportunity, and scenic marvels, beckoning settlers and investors alike with the promise of prosperity.

The map is surrounded by illustrations and photographs, conveying a county burgeoning with agricultural activity. Vignettes of livestock and rows of citrus groves signify the region's burgeoning agro-industry, while images of cotton and grape cultivation hint at the diverse bounty the soil yields. A textual homage to Riverside County's status as the epicenter of the citrus industry is underscored by the claim of it being the prime source of oranges in monetary returns.

The image boasts a variety of resources ranging from gypsum and limestone to gold and manganese, hinting at a rich tapestry of mining heritage. The accompanying texts, albeit promotional in nature, provide a glimpse into the era’s economic narrative, where agricultural science and a plethora of natural resources were central to community identity and economic vitality.

Encompassing cultural and natural attractions, from the "Ramona Outdoor Play," a theatrical staple, to the ecological allure of the Joshua Tree National Park, the map frames Riverside County as a locale of both cultural depth and natural splendor. Such features are not merely geographic markers but are emblematic of the region's allure to a wide array of potential residents and travelers.

Furthermore, the map serves as a historical document, revealing the pivotal role of water in transforming the region. The depiction of the Colorado River as the “lifeblood of the soil” encapsulates the transformative power of irrigation, which converted desert wastelands into fertile valleys.