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Striking map of France, published in Amsterdam by Nicolas Vissher.

The includes remarkable allegorical cartouche, blending mythological and natural elements to embody the grandeur and authority of the region. At the upper portion, the god Apollo, symbolizing light and knowledge, drives his sun chariot across the sky, dispersing darkness and signifying the enlightened rule and intellectual might of France during the period. Below, the landscape erupts with volcanic activity, perhaps alluding to the dynamic and potent forces of nature, as well as the political upheavals of the era.

In the foreground, figures representative of the bountifulness and fertility of the French lands recline amidst lush vegetation. The river, likely symbolizing one of France's life-giving waterways, meanders into the distance, indicating the natural richness and the strategic importance of these aquatic routes for commerce and sustenance. 

Condition Description
Minor marginal staining and some toning. Fold split at lower centerfold, with an old repair and a bit more soiled in the blank margin.