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Stock# 97633

Santa Rosa and Visalia's German Residents, 1880s-1930s:

A Pastor's Little Black Book

J. K. Nagel, who compiled the present manuscript record book between the years 1880 to circa 1940, was pastor of the 1st German Congregational Church of Santa Rosa. He recorded a wealth of personal information about German residents of Tulare and Sonoma Counties during these years, including the names and details for 78 baptisms (mostly children of German parents in Fresno, Visalia, Santa Rosa, and nearby places). Also 10 marriages, 16 funerals, and a short list of confirmands. Also included is the constitution of the German Evangelical Congregational church; records of attendence of church services; collections from each service (ranging from 45 cents to $5.25). Brief notes on sermons recited in Santa Rosa and Fresno, citing the topical Biblical verses, round out the textual content, which is all in German. The last few pages of the journal contain a prayer for funerals or burials.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries represented a time of demographic flux and increasing ethnic diversity in California. During this era, numerous German immigrants settled in the state, contributing to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of their respective communities. This manuscript journal thus serves as an invaluable window into the German-American experience in California, particularly in the developing agricultural regions of the San Joaquin Valley, which were undergoing both demographic shifts and significant expansion. The journal's entries outline everyday aspects of congregational church life, from baptisms and marriages to the daily spiritual guidance offered to the community through Bible-based sermons. As a spiritual leader of the 1st German Congregational Church in Santa Rosa, Pastor Nagel occupied a unique position to document the intersection of faith and daily life among German immigrants.

In the late 19th century, Tulare and Sonoma Counties in California became focal points for German and other immigration, as individuals and families sought economic opportunities and social stability. Agriculture, particularly viticulture in Sonoma and diverse crop farming in Tulare, attracted many German immigrants skilled in these fields. Santa Rosa's wine industry was influenced by German viticultural practices, while Fresno and Visalia became known for a broader range of agricultural activities, including the cultivation of grapes, wheat, and orchard fruits. Concurrently, the German communities in these towns contributed to local culture, with establishments of German churches, social organizations, and businesses,  helping to shaping life in these regions of California.

Selected entries:

  • First baptism recorded: Susanna Steinmann, born in 1881 in Visalia, Tulare County. Baptised 13 December 1886.
  • Last baptism recorded:  Daniel Gotfried, born in 1939 in Earlimart. Baptised 7 July 1940.
  • First marriage recorded: Claus Kroeger of Hollstein and Anna Helena Loekringer of Minnesota, married in Fresno on 1 Feb. 1888.
  • Last marriage recorded: Christian Foesler and Agnes Davoy, both of Schweiz. Married in Santa Rosa, 9 Feb. 1894.
  • First funeral: Daniel Steit, born 3 Sept. 1885 in Baku, Russland. Died 3 Aug. 1887 in Fresno.
  • Last funeral: Willy Karle, born 26 June 1921 in Earlimart. Died 11 July in Delano, California.

A meticulous single-volume record of a pastor's ministering to the German residents of Sonoma and Tulare Counties. Valuable a primary source for California's German community in the San Joaquin Valley during the late 19th through early 20th centuries.

Condition Description
12mo. Contemporary pebbled cloth, spine amateurishly rebacked with black cloth, corners and edges worn. Binding detached at spine. A few leaves detached. Internally clean. Commercially produced pastoral record book. 175 pages (approximately 100 pages with manuscript text). Printed ownership name "J. F. Nagel" on title page.