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Geographical Division & Distribution of Carnivora by A.K. Johnston, engraved by W. & A.K. Johnston and published by William Blackwood & Sons in Edinburgh and London in 1857, presents a systematic representation of carnivorous animals' distribution. The map employs shading to delineate the intensity of species in various regions, offering insights into biodiversity concentration.

This map comes from a period of notable exploration and scientific classification, reflecting a methodical approach to zoological study. The shading technique provides an objective method to understand the presence of species in different provinces.

An inset map details the regions inhabited by fur-bearing animals and outlines the areas associated with whale and seal fisheries in the Northern Hemisphere. This feature adds a layer of understanding related to the economic activities and interests of the time.

The map also includes two sets of engraved illustrations. "Types of the Carnivora of the New World" features animals such as the Polar Bear and Jaguar, while "Types of the Carnivora of the Old World" depicts species ranging from the European Lynx to the Royal Tiger. These illustrations function as visual aids, categorizing animals from different continents.

An accompanying chart, "Tabular View of the Percentage of the Families of the Land Carnivora in the Zoological Provinces," provides a structured breakdown of carnivorous animal families across distinct regions. Additionally, the "Perpendicular Distribution of the Carnivora" segment demonstrates the altitudinal distribution of various carnivores, comparing species in different climatic zones and terrains.

Overall, Johnston's Geographical Division & Distribution of Carnivora offers a detailed and organized view of the mid-19th-century understanding of carnivore distribution, serving as both a historical and zoological reference.

Condition Description
Original hand-color.