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Travel brochure/promotional material for Lee Monty Garage issued at least by 1954. The brochure features several detailed maps that showcase the city's neighborhoods and attractions. The first map is accompanied by several walls of text that offer suggestions for restaurants, hotels, bars, tourist attractions, and shopping options. The business that sponsored the brochure, Lee Monty Garage, is prominently featured on this map, with their garage listed as the only location in the city to park.

The second map (by Willahan) is a wider view of the East Bay Area that illustrates the highways, bridges, and roads that connect the area. This map is stylized and contains some images for various places of interest, such as a young woman in graduation attire to signify the location of Mills College. This map is accompanied by several suggestions for East Bay dining and activities.

The third map (also by Willahan) shows areas around the bay. The map goes north of the Napa Valley and east all the way to Sacramento. Like the other map on this page, this map has stylized illustrations of what an area was known for. For example, Napa has a wine bottle and grapes, while Petaluma has a scene of a chicken farm. This trend continues across the map, making it quite engaging. A brief description of the surrounding area and a few suggestions for restaurants accompanies this map. 

The final image is the front and back of the brochure. This features a welcome note from Ervin W. Larsen, owner of Lee Monty Garage. There is also an advertisement for the Gray Line tour company, which offered tours throughout the Bay Area. 

Condition Description
Folds as issued. Slight toning as pictured.