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Harper's Ferry, a steel engraving by W.H. Bartlett, provides a detailed depiction of the strategic intersection of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in the early 19th century. The print captures the scenic beauty of Harper's Ferry, located in present-day West Virginia. Notably, the detailed rendering emphasizes the topographical features, the rivers' confluence, and the built environment.

Harper's Ferry holds a unique position in American history. Located at the crossroads of major routes, it was a significant transit point for people, goods, and ideas. The presence of the United States Armory and Arsenal, established in 1799, added to its strategic importance, making it a focal point during the Civil War. The town and its surroundings were the site of numerous skirmishes and battles, and its capture was deemed crucial by both Confederate and Union forces.

This print, while capturing the tranquil beauty of the region, indirectly hints at the undercurrents of conflict and the looming specter of war.