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Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, produced by George H. Walker & Co. in 1903, offers a striking chromolithographic bird's-eye view of the region, issued in collaboration with the Passenger Department of the Boston and Maine Railroad. This particular edition stands out not only for its detailed portrayal of the landscape but also for the vividness and rarity of its chromolithography, contrasting sharply with the more common two-stone lithographs of the period.

By the dawn of the 20th century, Lake Winnipesaukee and its surrounding areas had cemented their position as prominent tourist destinations in New Hampshire. The intricate web of rail and steamer routes facilitated easy travel for tourists hailing from cities like Boston and New York. The tourism boom of the era not only brought infrastructural development, but also spurred a flourishing of visual arts, manifesting in distinctive maps and prints that capture the essence of the region.

From an envisioned elevated vantage point to the south, this bird's-eye view encapsulates the expansive Lake Winnipesaukee region, showcasing the adjoining Squam Lake to the northwest and the formidable White Mountains further afield, crowned by the snow-draped majesty of Mount Washington. Beyond the allure of the natural landscapes, the depiction integrates vital human-made elements: road networks, the path of the Boston & Maine Railroad, and key locales such as Center Harbor, Meredith, and Wolfeboro. A meticulously devised system of lettered and numbered keys facilitates easy identification of the lake's numerous islands and the White Mountains' peaks.

The chromolithographic iteration, as presented here, enjoys an unparalleled vibrancy when compared to its counterparts printed on thin paper. This version's aesthetic appeal, combined with its infrequent appearance in the market, elevates its status among collectors and aficionados.

The esteemed firm behind this view, George H. Walker & Co., was a luminary in the Boston lithographic scene, established in 1880. With a reputation that spanned various lithographic techniques, the company made its mark with its diverse offerings, ranging from comprehensive atlases to detailed maps of specific regions and the striking bird's-eye views of notable locales such as Boston, Edgartown, Bar Harbor, and of course, Lake Winnipesaukee. The firm's dedication to craftsmanship and accuracy ensures that each of their creations remains a testament to the rich cartographic tradition of the era.