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Wonderful vintage pictorial map of the global air routes of Trans World Airline (TWA) in 1948.

The sheet is printed front and back with one side featuring a map of the United States, with TWA routes, connecting airline routes, and TWA international routes, all marked separately. The other side features a map of the "Old World" from India to the British Isles, with TWA routes marked in bold, and connecting airlines with thinner lines. "Certificated Routes" are shown in dashed lines. In the upper-right corner is a full map of the globe with routes shown as well as a Lockheed Constellation.

There is a variant edition with the United States in green, and no dashed line for TWA international routes, though that map is also said to be from 1948.

Condition Description
Color-printed pictorial map on 20th-century paper printed on both sides. Signs of folds.
Rumsey 8185