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This Harpoon PV-2 identification poster, prepared for the British military in February 1945, delineates the detailed specifications of the bomber aircraft. The credit "Fosh & Cross Ltd." indicates the printers of this poster.

As World War II drew towards its denouement in 1945, the complexity and variety of aircraft utilized in warfare grew considerably. The British military, constantly evolving its tactics and equipment in response to ongoing challenges, leaned heavily on such identification posters. These documents provided quick references to troops, enabling them to differentiate between friendly and potentially hostile aircraft in the theatre of war.

The PV-2 Harpoon was an American patrol bomber aircraft developed during World War II. Designed and produced by Lockheed as an advancement of its predecessor, the PV-1 Ventura, the Harpoon featured numerous improvements, with its most distinguishing characteristics being a longer wingspan and greater fuel capacity. Employed predominantly in the Pacific Theater, the PV-2 was lauded for its endurance and versatility, being used for long-range patrols, bombing missions, and reconnaissance tasks. Its adaptation to various roles, coupled with its reliable "Double Wasp" engine, solidified the Harpoon's place as a formidable asset in the Allies' aviation arsenal during the latter stages of the war.