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Lake Wales, Florida, possibly created by Edward W. Bok and produced by the Brice Printing Company in Lake Wales, Florida, is an evocative pamphlet capturing the allure of Lake Wales and its surrounding tourist attractions during the 1920s. Particularly highlighted is the Singing Tower, housing the world's esteemed carillon, a testament to the cultural opulence of the era. The pamphlet's map indicates distances from various pivotal Florida locations to Lake Wales, painting a comprehensive geographical canvas for would-be travelers.

The 1920s in America, colloquially known as the "Roaring Twenties," witnessed a boom in the travel and tourism sector. Florida, with its pleasant climate and growing array of attractions, became a pivotal destination for domestic and international travelers alike. The city of Lake Wales, situated in Central Florida, emerged as an oasis of culture and architectural marvels, particularly with Edward W. Bok's construction of the Singing Tower. This carillon, recognized as among the finest globally, mirrored the era's push towards grandeur and sophistication.

Embedded within the pamphlet is a map showcasing various routes to Lake Wales from prominent Florida cities. It serves not only as a practical tool for travelers but also as an embodiment of the connectivity and accessibility that defined the 1920s infrastructural growth in America. The inclusion of distances from cities such as Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, reflects Lake Wales' centrality and significance in the Floridian tourism landscape.

The pamphlet's verso further enriches its appeal with an informative essay and a myriad of photographic illustrations. These images, showcasing architecture, leisure activities, and automobiles indicative of the 1920s, provide a visual journey into the lifestyle and aesthetics of Lake Wales during its zenith. This timeless artifact offers an intimate view into the leisure culture of the period, celebrating the blend of nature, architecture, and recreation in the heart of Florida.


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Condition Description
Folding pamphlet, printed on both sides.