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Your Milepost Information Map, with the cover titled White Pass & Yukon Train Trip Guide Welcome to the Gold Rush Trail of '98 Alaska & Yukon, provides an informative perspective of the legendary Gold Rush Trail of 1898, detailing the journey through the Alaskan Panhandle, the northwest corner of British Columbia, and into the Yukon Territory. The map was conceived under the aegis of Frank G. Downey, the Passenger Traffic Manager from Seattle, with a distinct emphasis on the trail's historic significance, mirrored by the "Point of Interest" markers aligning the track, aimed at creating an immersive experience for the travelers.

The Gold Rush of 1898 stands as one of North America's most transformative episodes. Thousands of prospectors, drawn by tales of untold riches, braved severe conditions to trek across wild terrains in search of fortune. This map not only navigates the physical route taken by these daring individuals but also evokes the palpable spirit of adventure and ambition that defined the era. The trail, cutting across diverse geographies, provides a visual narrative of the challenges faced by these pioneers, capturing the very essence of the "land of the midnight sun."

For train travelers in the late 1940s and early 1950s, the map offered a touchpoint to this rich history, merging the comfort of modern transportation with the rugged excitement of the past. The design, replete with "Point of Interest" markers juxtaposed against the trail, catered to the traveler's curiosity, inviting them to identify and engage with significant sites along their journey.

This lithographed map, which appears to be a product of the post-war boom in American tourism, reflects the mid-20th-century fascination with frontier history. This was a time when transportation networks expanded, opening up previously inaccessible landscapes to the public. Maps such as the Your Milepost Information Map not only guided tourists through these terrains but also narrated stories, ensuring the legacy of the Gold Rush Trail of '98 continued to inspire and captivate travelers.

Condition Description
Folding map printed on both sides.